3290Abrasive, Asbestos & Misc Nonmetallic Mineral Prods
6321Accident & Health Insurance
2891Adhesives & Sealants
2870Agricultural Chemicals
200Agricultural Prod-Livestock & Animal Specialties
100Agricultural Production-Crops
700Agricultural Services
4513Air Courier Services
4522Air Transportation, Nonscheduled
4512Air Transportation, Scheduled
3585Air-Cond & Warm Air Heatg Equip & Comm & Indl Refrig Equip
3720Aircraft & Parts
3724Aircraft Engines & Engine Parts
3728Aircraft Parts & Auxiliary Equipment, NEC
4581Airports, Flying Fields & Airport Terminal Services
8880American Depositary Receipts
2300Apparel & Other Finishd Prods of Fabrics & Similar Matl
4731Arrangement of Transportation of Freight & Cargo
2950Asphalt Paving & Roofing Materials
6189Asset-Backed Securities
3822Auto Controls For Regulating Residential & Comml Environments
2050Bakery Products
3562Ball & Roller Bearings
2836Biological Products, (No Disgnostic Substances)
1221Bituminous Coal & Lignite Surface Mining
6770Blank Checks
2780Blankbooks, Looseleaf Binders & Bookbindg & Relatd Work
3452Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Rivets & Washers
2732Book Printing
2731Books: Publishing or Publishing & Printing
2086Bottled & Canned Soft Drinks & Carbonated Waters
2211Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton
2221Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Man Made Fiber & Silk
4841Cable & Other Pay Television Services
3578Calculating & Accounting Machines (No Electronic Computers)
2030Canned, Frozen & Preservd Fruit, Veg & Food Specialties
2033Canned, Fruits, Veg, Preserves, Jams & Jellies
2273Carpets & Rugs
3241Cement, Hydraulic
2800Chemicals & Allied Products
3470Coating, Engraving & Allied Services
4991Cogeneration Services & Small Power Producers
6029Commercial Banks, NEC
2750Commercial Printing
6221Commodity Contracts Brokers & Dealers
3669Communications Equipment, NEC
4899Communications Services, NEC
3570Computer & of fice Equipment
3576Computer Communications Equipment
3577Computer Peripheral Equipment, NEC
3572Computer Storage Devices
3575Computer Terminals
3272Concrete Products, Except Block & Brick
3270Concrete, Gypsum & Plaster Products
1700Construction - Special Trade Contractors
3531Construction Machinery & Equip
3530Construction, Mining & Materials Handling Machinery & Equip
2670Converted Paper & Paperboard Prods (No Contaners/Boxes)
2052Cookies & Crackers
3960Costume Jewelry & Novelties
1311Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas
3281Cut Stone & Stone Products
3420Cutlery, Handtools & General Hardware
2020Dairy Products
4412Deep Sea Foreign Transportation of Freight
3843Dental Equipment & Supplies
3942Dolls & Stuffed Toys
3357Drawing & Insulating of Nonferrous Wire
1381Drilling Oil & Gas Wells
4931Electric & Other Services Combined
3634Electric Housewares & Fans
3640Electric Lighting & Wiring Equipment
4911Electric Services
4900Electric, Gas & Sanitary Services
3620Electrical Industrial Apparatus
1731Electrical Work
3845Electromedical & Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
3600Electronic & Other Electrical Equipment (No Computer Equip)
3677Electronic Coils, Transformers & Other Inductors
3670Electronic Components & Accessories
3679Electronic Components, NEC
3571Electronic Computers
3678Electronic Connectors
3510Engines & Turbines
3443Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shops)
3060Fabricated Rubber Products, NEC
3440Fabricated Structural Metal Products
3523Farm Machinery & Equipment
2070Fats & Oils
6111Federal & Federally-Sponsored Credit Agencies
6172Finance Lessors
6199Finance Services
6331Fire, Marine & Casualty Insurance
900Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
3211Flat Glass
2000Food and Kindred Products
3140Footwear, (No Rubber)
8888Foreign Governments
6099Functions Related To Depository Banking, NEC
3944Games, Toys & Children's Vehicles (No Dolls & Bicycles)
4932Gas & Other Services Combined
3050Gaskets, Packg & Sealg Devices & Rubber & Plastics Hose
1540General Bldg Contractors - Nonresidential Bldgs
1520General Bldg Contractors - Residential Bldgs
3560General Industrial Machinery & Equipment
3569General Industrial Machinery & Equipment, NEC
3220Glass & Glassware, Pressed or Blown
3221Glass Containers
3231Glass Products, Made of Purchased Glass
1040Gold and Silver Ores
2040Grain Mill Products
2771Greeting Cards
3760Guided Missiles & Space Vehicles & Parts
4955Hazardous Waste Management
3430Hearing Equip, Except Elec & Warm Air; & Plumbing Fixtures
3433Heating Equipment, Except Electric & Warm Air Furnaces
1600Heavy Construction Other Than Bldg Const - Contractors
6324Hospital & Medical Service Plans
7011Hotels & Motels
7000Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps & Other Lodging Places
3630Household Appliances
3651Household Audio & Video Equipment
2510Household Furniture
2024Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts
2835In Vitro & In Vivo Diagnostic Substances
3564Industrial & Commercial Fans & Blowers & Air Purifing Equip
2810Industrial Inorganic Chemicals
3823Industrial Instruments For Measurement, Display, and Control
2860Industrial Organic Chemicals
3567Industrial Process Furnaces & Ovens
3537Industrial Trucks, Tractors, Trailors & Stackers
3825Instruments For Meas & Testing of Electricity & Elec Signals
6411Insurance Agents, Brokers & Service
6399Insurance Carriers, NEC
9721International Affairs
6282Investment Advice
6799Investors, NEC
3320Iron & Steel Foundries
3911Jewelry, Precious Metal
3910Jewelry, Silverware & Plated Ware
2253Knit Outerwear Mills
2250Knitting Mills
3826Laboratory Analytical Instruments
3821Laboratory Apparatus & Furniture
6552Land Subdividers & Developers (No Cemeteries)
3524Lawn & Garden Tractors & Home Lawn & Gardens Equip
3100Leather & Leather Products
6519Lessors of Real Property, NEC
6311Life Insurance
6163Loan Brokers
4100Local & Suburban Transit & Interurban Hwy Passenger Trans
2400Lumber & Wood Products (No Furniture)
3541Machine Tools, Metal Cutting Types
3695Magnetic & Optical Recording Media
2082Malt Beverages
2761Manifold Business Forms
3829Measuring & Controlling Devices, NEC
2011Meat Packing Plants
2833Medicinal Chemicals & Botanical Products
2320Men's & Boys' Furnishgs, Work Clothg, & Allied Garments
3411Metal Cans
3442Metal Doors, Sash, Frames, Moldings & Trim
3460Metal Forgings & Stampings
1000Metal Mining
3412Metal Shipping Barrels, Drums, Kegs & Pails
3540Metalworkg Machinery & Equipment
2430Millwood, Veneer, Plywood, & Structural Wood Members
6795Mineral Royalty Traders
1400Mining & Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals (No Fuels)
3532Mining Machinery & Equip (No Oil & Gas Field Mach & Equip)
3590Misc Industrial & Commercial Machinery & Equipment
6159Miscellaneous Business Credit Institution
2890Miscellaneous Chemical Products
3690Miscellaneous Electrical Machinery, Equipment & Supplies
3490Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Products
2390Miscellaneous Fabricated Textile Products
2090Miscellaneous Food Preparations & Kindred Products
2590Miscellaneous Furniture & Fixtures
3990Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
1090Miscellaneous Metal Ores
3080Miscellaneous Plastics Products
3390Miscellaneous Primary Metal Products
2990Miscellaneous Products of Petroleum & Coal
2741Miscellaneous Publishing
3790Miscellaneous Transportation Equipment
2451Mobile Homes
6162Mortgage Bankers & Loan Correspondents
3716Motor Homes
3714Motor Vehicle Parts & Accessories
3711Motor Vehicles & Passenger Car Bodies
3751Motorcycles, Bicycles & Parts
3621Motors & Generators
3931Musical Instruments
6021National Commercial Banks
4924Natural Gas Distribution
4923Natural Gas Transmisison & Distribution
4922Natural Gas Transmission
2711Newspapers: Publishing or Publishing & Printing
9995Non-Operating Establishments
3360Nonferrous Foundries (Castings)
2520Office Furniture
2522Office Furniture (No Wood)
3579Office Machines, NEC
1382Oil & Gas Field Exploration Services
3533Oil & Gas Field Machinery & Equipment
6792Oil Royalty Traders
6512Opeators of Nonresidential Buildings
1531Operative Builders
6513Operators of Apartment Buildings
3851Ophthalmic Goods
3827Optical Instruments & Lenses
3480Ordnance & Accessories, (No Vehicles/Guided Missiles)
3842Orthopedic, Prosthetic & Surgical Appliances & Supplies
2851Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Enamels & Allied Prods
2621Paper Mills
2650Paperboard Containers & Boxes
2631Paperboard Mills
2600Papers & Allied Products
2540Partitions, Shelvg, Lockers, & of fice & Store Fixtures
6794Patent Owners & Lessors
3950Pens, Pencils & Other Artists' Materials
2844Perfumes, Cosmetics & Other Toilet Preparations
2721Periodicals: Publishing or Publishing & Printing
6141Personal Credit Institutions
2911Petroleum Refining
2834Pharmaceutical Preparations
3652Phonograph Records & Prerecorded Audio Tapes & Disks
3861Photographic Equipment & Supplies
4610Pipe Lines (No Natural Gas)
2820Plastic Mail, Synth Resin/Rubber, Cellulos (No Glass)
2821Plastic Materials, Synth Resins & Nonvulcan Elastomers
3086Plastics Foam Products
3089Plastics Products, NEC
2673Plastics, Foil & Coated Paper Bags
3260Pottery & Related Products
2015Poultry Slaughtering and Processing
3612Power, Distribution & Specialty Transformers
3448Prefabricated Metal Buildings & Components
2452Prefabricated Wood Bldgs & Components
2092Prepared Fresh or Frozen Fish & Seafoods
3334Primary Production of Aluminum
3330Primary Smelting & Refining of Nonferrous Metals
3672Printed Circuit Boards
3555Printing Trades Machinery & Equipment
2531Public Bldg & Related Furniture
4220Public Warehousing & Storage
2611Pulp Mills
3561Pumps & Pumping Equipment
3663Radio & Tv Broadcasting & Communications Equipment
4832Radio Broadcasting Stations
4812Radiotelephone Communications
3743Railroad Equipment
4013Railroad Switching & Terminal Establishments
4011Railroads, Line-Haul Operating
6500Real Estate
6531Real Estate Agents & Managers (For Others)
6532Real Estate Dealers (For Their Own Account)
6798Real Estate Investment Trusts
6510Real Estate Operators (No Developers) & Lessors
3580Refrigeration & Service Industry Machinery
4953Refuse Systems
5600Retail-Apparel & Accessory Stores
5531Retail-Auto & Home Supply Stores
5500Retail-Auto Dealers & Gasoline Stations
5200Retail-Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply
5961Retail-Catalog & Mail-Order Houses
5734Retail-Computer & Computer Software Stores
5412Retail-Convenience Stores
5311Retail-Department Stores
5912Retail-Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores
5812Retail-Eating Places
5810Retail-Eating & Drinking Places
5651Retail-Family Clothing Stores
5400Retail-Food Stores
5712Retail-Furniture Stores
5411Retail-Grocery Stores
5945Retail-Hobby, Toy & Game Shops
5700Retail-Home Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment Stores
5944Retail-Jewelry Stores
5211Retail-Lumber & Other Building Materials Dealers
5399Retail-Misc General Merchandise Stores
5900Retail-Miscellaneous Retail
5940Retail-Miscellaneous Shopping Goods Stores
5271Retail-Mobile Home Dealers
5960Retail-Nonstore Retailers
5731Retail-Radio, Tv & Consumer Electronics Stores
5735Retail-Record & Prerecorded Tape Stores
5990Retail-Retail Stores, NEC
5661Retail-Shoe Stores
5331Retail-Variety Stores
5621Retail-Women's Clothing Stores
3350Rolling Drawing & Extruding of Nonferrous Metals
3021Rubber & Plastics Footwear
4950Sanitary Services
2013Sausages & Other Prepared Meat Products
6035Savings Institution, Federally Chartered
6036Savings Institutions, Not Federally Chartered
2421Sawmills & Planting Mills, General
3451Screw Machine Products
3812Search, Detection, Navagation, Guidance, Aeronautical Sys
3341Secondary Smelting & Refining of Nonferrous Metals
6200Security & Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges & Services
6211Security Brokers, Dealers & Flotation Companies
3674Semiconductors & Related Devices
2790Service Industries For The Printing Trade
7311Services-Advertising Agencies
7829Services-Allied To Motion Picture Distribution
7819Services-Allied To Motion Picture Production
7900Services-Amusement & Recreation Services
7510Services-Auto Rental & Leasing (No Drivers)
7500Services-Automotive Repair, Services & Parking
7389Services-Business Services, NEC
8351Services-Child Day Care Services
8731Services-Commercial Physical & Biological Research
7373Services-Computer Integrated Systems Design
7374Services-Computer Processing & Data Preparation
7371Services-Computer Programming Services
7370Services-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc.
7377Services-Computer Rental & Leasing
7320Services-Consumer Credit Reporting, Collection Agencies
7381Services-Detective, Guard & Armored Car Services
7331Services-Direct Mail Advertising Services
8200Services-Educational Services
7361Services-Employment Agencies
8711Services-Engineering Services
8700Services-Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management
7359Services-Equipment Rental & Leasing, NEC
8744Services-Facilities Support Management Services
8062Services-General Medical & Surgical Hospitals, NEC
8000Services-Health Services
7363Services-Help Supply Services
8082Services-Home Health Care Services
8111Services-Legal Services
7330Services-Mailing, Reproduction, Commercial Art & Photography
8742Services-Management Consulting Services
8741Services-Management Services
8071Services-Medical Laboratories
8600Services-Membership or ganizations
7997Services-Membership Sports & Recreation Clubs
8090Services-Misc Health & Allied Services, NEC
7990Services-Miscellaneous Amusement & Recreation
7380Services-Miscellaneous Business Services
7350Services-Miscellaneous Equipment Rental & Leasing
7600Services-Miscellaneous Repair Services
7822Services-Motion Picture & Video Tape Distribution
7812Services-Motion Picture & Video Tape Production
7830Services-Motion Picture Theaters
8050Services-Nursing & Personal Care Facilities
8011Services-Offices & Clinics of Doctors of Medicine
7200Services-Personal Services
7384Services-Photofinishing Laboratories
7372Services-Prepackaged Software
7948Services-Racing, Including Track Operation
8900Services-Services, NEC
8051Services-Skilled Nursing Care Facilities
8300Services-Social Services
8093Services-Specialty Outpatient Facilities, NEC
7385Services-Telephone Interconnect Systems
8734Services-Testing Laboratories
7340Services-To Dwellings & Other Buildings
7841Services-Video Tape Rental
3444Sheet Metal Work
3730Ship & Boat Building & Repairing
6153Short-Term Business Credit Institutions
1220Silver Ores
2840Soap, Detergents, Cleang Preparations, Perfumes, Cosmetics
3550Special Industry Machinery (No Metalworking Machinery)
3559Special Industry Machinery, NEC
2842Specialty Cleaning, Polishing and Sanitation Preparations
3949Sporting & Athletic Goods, NEC
6022State Commercial Banks
4961Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply
3317Steel Pipe & Tubes
3310Steel Works, Blast Furnaces & Rolling & Finishing Mills
3312Steel Works, Blast Furnaces & Rolling Mills (Coke Ovens)
3250Structural Clay Products
2060Sugar & Confectionery Products
6351Surety Insurance
3841Surgical & Medical Instruments & Apparatus
3613Switchgear & Switchboard Apparatus
4822Telegraph & Other Message Communications
3661Telephone & Telegraph Apparatus
4813Telephone Communications (No Radiotelephone)
4833Television Broadcasting Stations
4231Terminal Maintenance Facilities For Motor Freight Transport
2200Textile Mill Products
3011Tires & Inner Tubes
6361Title Insurance
2100Tobacco Products
3824Totalizing Fluid Meters & Counting Devices
4700Transportation Services
3713Truck & Bus Bodies
3715Truck Trailers
4210Trucking & Courier Services (No Air)
4213Trucking (No Local)
3081Unsupported Plastics Film & Sheet
3873Watches, Clocks, Clockwork Operated Devices/Parts
4941Water Supply
4400Water Transportation
1623Water, Sewer, Pipeline, Comm & Power Line Construction
5130Wholesale-Apparel, Piece Goods & Notions
5180Wholesale-Beer, Wine & Distilled Alcoholic Beverages
5160Wholesale-Chemicals & Allied Products
5045Wholesale-Computers & Peripheral Equipment & Software
5082Wholesale-Construction & Mining (No Petro) Machinery & Equip
5122Wholesale-Drugs, Proprietaries & Druggists' Sundries
5000Wholesale-Durable Goods
5099Wholesale-Durable Goods, NEC
5063Wholesale-Electrical Apparatus & Equipment, Wiring Supplies
5064Wholesale-Electrical Appliances, Tv & Radio Sets
5065Wholesale-Electronic Parts & Equipment, NEC
5150Wholesale-Farm Product Raw Materials
5020Wholesale-Furniture & Home Furnishings
5140Wholesale-Groceries & Related Products
5141Wholesale-Groceries, General Line
5070Wholesale-Hardware & Plumbing & Heating Equipment & Supplies
5084Wholesale-Industrial Machinery & Equipment
5094Wholesale-Jewelry, Watches, Precious Stones & Metals
5030Wholesale-Lumber & Other Construction Materials
5031Wholesale-Lumber, Plywood, Millwork & Wood Panels
5080Wholesale-Machinery, Equipment & Supplies
5047Wholesale-Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment & Supplies
5050Wholesale-Metals & Minerals (No Petroleum)
5051Wholesale-Metals Service Centers & of fices
5090Wholesale-Misc Durable Goods
5190Wholesale-Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods
5013Wholesale-Motor Vehicle Supplies & New Parts
5010Wholesale-Motor Vehicles & Motor Vehicle Parts & Supplies
5110Wholesale-Paper & Paper Products
5172Wholesale-Petroleum & Petroleum Products (No Bulk Stations)
5171Wholesale-Petroleum Bulk Stations & Terminals
5040Wholesale-Professional & Commercial Equipment & Supplies
2330Women's, Misses', and Juniors Outerwear
2340Women's, Misses', Children's & Infants' Undergarments
2511Wood Household Furniture, (No Upholstered)
3844X-Ray Apparatus & Tubes & Related Irradiation Apparatus